Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift!

Last week Taylor Swift’s new album dropped and broke huge. She also released a video tribute to New York City, explaining why she has bought a home in New York, because those of us who live here just don’t get it.

Meantime, the lower east side documentarian Clayton Patterson uses Swift’s epistle to remind us that many other musicians and others got to New York first, and paved the way for pop’s biggest star of the moment. One of them was named G.G. Allin.

One thought on “Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift!

  1. shit. first the farmers.com folks say “city folks just don’t get it” (i get it, i just like living in the city, like you like living in the country) and now the country folks move to the city and say we still don’t get it? good thing they are smarter than i am, cos now i know what i don’t know.

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