Night Music: ZZ Top, “Legs”

I spent more than few hours in the George W. Bush Airport in Houston today. Infrastructure historians know what a boondoggle that airport was. Baseball fans know that George HW Bush president, sold everything and his name, so that the airport could be built where it is. Oh, did I mention boondoggle? Which paved the way for his son to become Texas Rangers president, a taxing job, and US president, a task better outsourced to Cheney and Rumsfeld.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: ZZ Top, “Legs”

  1. Guess I buried the lede. Standing on line in the food court, waiting to buy a California burrito for lunch, all the songs were rifftastic. Especially ZZ Top.

  2. Ugh, don’t get me started on the awful un-american bush family. cos they are against anything liberty and justice for all men are created equal separation of church and state as anyone can get. fucking bush, jr, the anti tax guy, who made his fortune getting through a local $.05 tax during a special January election (so no one voted) that raised money to both pay for the new Arlington stadium, and then GAVE it to the club after five years of inhabitance.

    Legs is a great cut from a fun album (i love when the vocals come in in Give Me Some Lovin’ and the there is the reverby/echoey riff with the pick sliding down the strings).

    To me it is proof that if someone sticks to their trade and vision long enough, they will hit it one way or another. Cos nothing ZZ did before this was close to as accessible and poppy and rocky, and all they did after was try to recapture.

    Nailed it here though.

  3. By the way, I hate this fucking brand of ZZ Top. Loved the band through “Fandango.”

    I have this theory that, after toiling without breaking through for years, they got together and said, “Fuck this. Let’s grow long beards. Except you Frank Beard. And wear sunglasses all the time. And we’ll play monotonous, droney poppy songs, make schtick videos and rake in the doe.” Which they proceeded to do.

    Was in a band shortly thereafter that played both “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Gimme All Your Lovin'” which are basically the same damn song. By the third time playing them out, those songs are the equivalent of Chinese water torture. And, of course, people never stop yelling for them.

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