Why don’t they just officially change the name at this point?

Music hasn’t been a big part of Shandlerfest for me, but this song stands out.

My usual crew were cruising Scottsdale looking for something new a few years ago when we stumbled into a new bar that had just opened. Shotgun Betty’s was a rock ‘n’ roll misogynist dream – top-notch beautiful girls in the skimpiest of daisy dukes alternating between pole dancing and bartending, with loud, mostly classic rock blaring. It’s wasn’t a strip bar, “classier” I guess and the girls were all enthusiastic and friendly. We went there every night of that particular trip.

Unfortunately, the next time we got there (spring or fall, I forget), the top-notch beautiful girls weren’t there anymore, replaced with unenthusiastics and unfriendlies. We stop maybe once every couple of trips anymore, but the place never comes close to that original visit.

This song caught my ear that first night and perhaps gets at a little of what Peter always talks about with the in-the-moment bar setting, although I’d happily listen to this at home too. Nothing original here, owing completely to “LaGrange” and “Boom Boom” and surely a million other Delta bluesmen on stools. But it sure is nice to see a bunch of average-looking guys in drab clothes kicking the shit out of what the usual Hot Topic Adam Levine lookalikes with generic tribal tattoos (oooh) and earrings in their lips (aaah) are doing.

Unfortunately, I’ve explored more Clutch and I don’t think anything else compares to this either:

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