Night Music: Marshall Crenshaw, “Someday, Someway”

We are up at the Tahoe house for a week which means no TV (save DVDs) and no radio (save streaming).  Right now it means pouring down rain banging off our metal roof, and maybe in a few hours it will mean the first snow drop of the year. Irrespective, we need the water, so bring it on.

But, it also means I am near KTKE HQ in Truckee, and while streaming this morningDJ Lindsday with an A spun this great Marshall Crenshaw tune from his equally fine self titled debut disc from 1982.

I had high hopes for Crenshaw and his Hollyesque delivery (these days I reserve that for Jake Bugg) and saw Crenshaw in the early 90’s at the Fillmore. He was good enough (and paired with the great Jimmy Dale Gilmore) but he hadn’t really advanced much beyond that first album.

Which is ok, I suppose. I just hope for growth out of an artist I like. Still, a tight little cut.

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