3 thoughts on “I Do So Like Melody

  1. Hey, that’s one of the Bowie-like tracks on a record that surprised me for the restraint of its hammer.

    I was thinking today that Steve likes these certain types, which are kind of propulsive and hammering and not melodic, but then he digs the Specials. At least their second record, which nobody liked at the time. But is full of semi reggae dubby maunderings. Good!


  2. 1) Can’t go wrong with Hunky Dory/Ziggy era Bowie.

    2) I think the end guitar solo is almost like Harrison Beatles, a sound which rears its head a lot over the course of the album.

    3) Can’t go wrong with anything on More Specials.

    4) Secret to More Specials is groove. And not stupid-ass disco groove either.

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