Breakfast Blend: End of Wall to Wall Mekons

This tune is from The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll, and it is perhaps the perfect Mekons tune. Fast parts, but slow parts, too. Irony, in the lyrics, but also some passion. And irony in the arrangement, but also some passion. Clanging guitars, but you would miss the accordion if it wasn’t there. Steve Goulding’s drumming, which is always winning.

I wouldn’t say this is a great song, but I would say it is a great Mekons song.

And since we’re blending this morning, maybe we should go with a great song.

Okay, better than a great song, here’s a clip from 2004 with the band on Top of the Pops. You have to wonder why on both parts, but the fact is the tune is slight but nice, and with no chance of Top of the Pops action. Weird.

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