Gotta Post Once In A While

To thwart Peter’s scheme of total domination.

I want to write a big article on some great rock oral histories, but I forget how to post pictures. Ah well. Maybe someday.

Got a new used car a little over a week ago and it has the best car stereo system I’ve ever owned, featuring a Rockford Fosgate sub. (Remember when we were young and up on high-end stereo equipment?)

Cranked the criminally underrated Masters of Reality debut album (in my Top 10 – I forget where) and this one really hit me. Just a crunching killer of a riff. The dated 80’s glam women in the video are amusing too.

One thought on “Gotta Post Once In A While

  1. I like this song, apart from the lyrics, which aren’t even aggressively offensive. Just lame. But the riff is good, and the melody nice.

    To post photos, press the button above the posting window that says Add Media. Then use Upload Files to, um, upload files. It walks you through sizing them and putting them in your post. Voila!

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