5 thoughts on “Night Music: Badfinger, “Better Days”

  1. There are a thousand reasons in here as to why 99 percent of today’s music sucks. Reasons 1, 2 and 3 are two SGs and a P-bass.

    • I don’t know what this means. My theory is because Badfinger played two SGs and a P-bass, they were good. Lana Del Rey sucks because she/her band doesn’t. Am I right?

      • Correct. Two SGs and a P-bass won’t make you good by itself, but it’s a helluva start.

        Currently I’m reading another great rock oral history, “Left Of The Dial.” Tony Kinman of The Dils sums it up pretty well: “. . .if you are going to talk to an alien, and he says, what is this rock music you are talking about, and you had Little Richard [imagine a “Twilight Zone”] and he’s in a plastic booth playing “Lucille.” Then in another Plexiglas booth you have Rick Wakeman doing “The Six Wives Of Henry VIII.” Which one are you going to point to and say, that’s rock music?”

        Substitute Lana Del Rey or any other current crap you often champion for Rick Wakeman and remember the title of this blog.

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