Night Music: Neil Young, “Ohio”

2014-09-21 14.00.21One of the funny things that happens when you wade into a mass march is you worry about a police riot.

The marchers are penned into a limited space, and if something were to go wrong the stampede effect might be bad.

My family and I marched today with a lot of folks, and except for one instance where a cop asked us about our respect for authority because we marchers kept breaking a fence joint (she got a lot of laughs), there was no tension. We were walking, the police were protecting, and we hope everyone else was watching.

That wasn’t the case on May 4, 1970. Though everyone ended up watching. Four dead in Ohio.

One thought on “Night Music: Neil Young, “Ohio”

  1. u were at the huge climate change rally? Awesome.

    Peaceful wasn’t the case in Ferguson, either. Don’t you think it is weird when white supremacists can brandish guns (as in Vegas/Cliven Bundy) and carry them into Wallmart and no problemo, but an African American kid puts his hands up, and gets shot, and the community protests without any weapons and they get arrested and tazed?

    I remember protesting both before and after Kent State. I was a freshman in college.

    Keep on fighting the good fight!

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