Night Music: Witchcraft, “Witchcraft”

I’d never heard of the Swedish band, Graveyard, before Steve unearthed them earlier this week. And while listening to them more I kept getting referred to another longrunning Swedish band called Witchcraft.

While Graveyard is more rock bluesy, Witchcraft is more rock bluesy like Jethro Tull. Or something like that. Graveyard talks about Druids, while Witchcraft feels like Druids. They don’t sound the same, the edge is different, but they both play old fashioned rock with original songs that sound like they might be hits, if it was 1970.

I’m a sucker for bands that put out songs with the name of the band. Probably because of Hey Hey We’re the Monkees, which dropped at my moment of most huge pop vulnerability. My friends Bobby and Reynold and I had a band together around that time we called the Electric Light Bulbs. We mostly played songs from Yesterday and Today, but the only original we had was about being light bulbs and getting turned on, though at this point I can’t even imagine what we said in that song that wasn’t salacious. But not to us.


One thought on “Night Music: Witchcraft, “Witchcraft”

  1. 1) Right with you on the Graveyard/references-to-Witchcraft thing. Just checked out Witchcraft this past weekend at FYE (bet I’m the only one who still goes there – even the stinky mall record store won’t last long at this point). Witchcraft was in the Heavy Metal section. Isn’t that funny?

    2) Jethro Tull. Yeah, you hit it spot on. Add that awful flute and it would be exact.

    3) Electric Light Bulbs – great name, great stuff.

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