Night Music: Rufus & Chaka Khan, “Ain’t Nobody”

We were at a wedding of old friends last night, and after the ceremony and dinner and some singing by many talented guests, there was dancing.

DJing was handled by our friend’s teenage son, who was inclined to play the modern hits, which left the old folks unmoved. Occasionally, he tossed us a bone with some Motown, but with that the youngsters would flee the floor. Aunties and friends, moms and dads got involved. The one thing for sure, no rock was played.

Rufus & Chaka Khan were one of the songs to bridge the generational gap. This song, anyway, which is one of my favorites of all songs and performances. (I love Tell Me Something Good, too.) It’s a little too much like a Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson song to be great, not quite distinctive enough, but really tight and appealing and Chaka, when she brings it, as she does here, is fantastic.


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