Night Music: Modestep, “Another Day”

I wasn’t going to dwell on dubstep because I thought I had a simple point to make about it. But this turned up tonight and it is such a crazy hash of rockish ideas and this other music, it seemed worth passing it along. For the video, for the most part, though it is the way it comments on the music and vice versa that is of interest.

Isn’t it priceless how the hero’s dream is to play guitar in a rock band, but the track makes no attempt to simulate that sound or culture. Just the story.

One of the immutable structures of dubstep is called the drop. This is when the music, in this case the r+b groove singing about Another Day, starts to get a little discombobulated. The pace hurries, the sound starts to disintegrate, and when the drop comes the sound becomes massive and sawing or seething. For a while. And then you’re back to the easy groove (or abstract atmospherics) that started the whole thing, until it happens all over again later.

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