Sunday Brunch: Lou Reed Plus, “A Perfect Day”

This Lou Reed and company (Pavarotti!) is an ad to promote the tax the BBC exacts for every TV (and radio?) sold in the UK in order to pay for itself.

But that seems less important than the simple loveliness of the whole thing. Right now I can’t imagine a more positive and less maudlin tune with a catchy melody. You hit me with your flower.

Fun sightings for me: Shane McGowan (I think that’s him without the teeth), Dr. John (who got me here), and Robert Cray. You’ll have your own.

One thought on “Sunday Brunch: Lou Reed Plus, “A Perfect Day”

  1. The landscape looks like that place Ron used to take us for AFL speaker dinner in Surprise. I was looking for Hellacopters, but didn’t see any.

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