Discovered this video of two Swedish bands covering a Copters tune, which, in and of itself is B+ cool. (Notice how they don’t have two drummers at the same time, but they switch drummers mid-song. Never saw that before. Also notice the extreme greasiness of the redheaded guy’s hair in the interview. Finally, notice a fully-bearded Joe Sheehan playing guitar for The Hives.)

Since I’d never heard of Graveyard, I was lead to this, which pretty much turns my crank and turns on my curiosity (dig the syncopation and crazy-ass vocals):

So. I need to investigate further. Over to Amazon. There I find their Amazon 5-star album from 2011, Hisingin Blues FREE TO DOWNLOAD FOR PRIME MEMBERS!
(Boy, it is fun to italicize and bold.)

Now I am the most resistant guy in the world to the download. I am the only person on earth who liked the CD format – way more hassle-free than vinyl, but still retaining enough vinyl-ness for my satisfaction. My heart says pay $14 for the CD, but my mind wins out with, “at least download it first and see if it’s worth buying.” My life turned a corner today.

As for Prime, I’m a member anyway, mostly because the food my pet rabbit (abandoned to me by the family that abandoned me last August) eats is hard to find in the pet stores and way cheaper on Amazon. Years ago, I would think, “Every king store gets toppled eventually, but what will ever topple Walmart?” The answer is Amazon.

Mannah from heaven.

One thought on “WTF!?

  1. Fun Hellacopters cover, I wish I hadn’t known about the drummer switch, and I like the sound of Graveyard a lot, even though I can’t think of a band that has looked more cadaverous. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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