Been listening to the new Off! album a lot, Wasted Years.

This is where my musical head was at in the 80’s when new wave and hair metal and all the other crap one hears on 80’s retro radio today was popular. I missed out on as much of that as possible.

Yeah, this is rehashed Circle Jerks, but rehashed Circle Jerks is pretty damn good compared to 95 percent of what else is going on these days.

The other day I was in the supermarket glancing at fantasy football mags and I noticed the new GQ features, “The Best 21 Albums Of The 21st Century.” If you wanna get depressed about music, take a gander at that list.

Does anyone care?

4 thoughts on “Off!

  1. Perfect excellence. And economical. Great art, but not what I’m going to listen to 95 percent of the time. But I’m old and I’m glad to know there are bands named after pesticides railing about stuff. That should always be true.

  2. You know, I honestly never before got the Black Flag/Off! connection. Clever, obvious and makes me feel dumb.

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