A Study In “Gimme Shelter” Live

Let’s start with “the best version ever”:


The fish (the instrument).
The best Rolling Stones song ever is in there somewhere I guess. I can’t get past two minutes and the song hasn’t even started yet.


Stupid runway long enough for a plane to use.
Black lady wailing stuff that’s not even in the song.
Nine minutes? Really?
This is why I have no particular interest in seeing the Stones anymore. I missed the boat (but not the runway).
Sometimes more isn’t more.

Now we’ll move onto the real Rolling Stones (the ones I’d pay to see):


The fish (instrument).
Jagger’s vocals, dancing and general swagger.
Jagger’s foreign accent on the word “shell-tah” toward the end.
Charlie Watts’ bored expressions – sleeping, smiling.
Charlie Watts’ tit t-shirt.
Mick Taylor smiling and hammering away the rhythm.
Sometimes less is more.


They don’t show who’s playing the fish.
Is most of the music recorded and Jagger’s just singing over it? Geez, I hope not. If so, shame on me.

And finally (there’s been way too little Hellacopters on this damn site lately):


The fish (instrument).
The fish player puts down the fish to kick the ball.
Four guitars!!!
Two keyboardists and you can’t hear one note of keyboard!
The Hellacopters’ bass player.
Nicke Andersson plays an MC5 lick during the solo.
Sometimes more is more.


I don’t know who Soundtrack Of Our Lives is (nor do I care).
How the Soundtrack Of Our Lives guys look compared to the Hellacopters guys.
Hellacopters drummer is absent.
Two drummers would’ve been better in this case.


What the Rolling Stones lost between the good video and the “best version ever” can be found in the Hellacopters video.

Thank you and goodnight.

2 thoughts on “A Study In “Gimme Shelter” Live

  1. Yeah, that’s Jagger karaoke, the fadeout alone tells you. They dropped some tracks to make it more believable I suppose. No one is playing the fish at the beginning. What is that instrument called anyway? The tracks there are the same as the record no doubt. Maybe there is a slightly different Keith semi-soloing, but I think it’s just mixed high. I don’t see any amps or cords and this is long before wireless guitars.

    I like the Hellacopters version a lot, it’s much better than I’ve ever heard the Stones do it live. I’m trying to figure out what guitar the lefty is playing, it’s structured like a Junior but it’s not. It sounds great.

    • Yeah, there goes what little credibility I had – shot to hell. I guess the “Live” in the title sucked me in initially (don’t believe everything you read on the internet). Then, by the time I realized, I was too far into it. It would’ve taken me too long to find Charlie Watts elsewhere in the tit shirt.

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