In Lieu Of Nothing

Been too busy to even read Remnants most of the time lately. Have two Steveslists that I thought of weeks ago but haven’t written yet (5 Bands I Used To Like A Lot But Never Listen To Anymore and 5 Favorite Rock Books) and I owe Peter the beginning of a dueling review of the new Fucked Up album (which no one will care about besides Peter and I).

But here’s a band I read about in the Rolling Stone yesterday who seem interesting. I now read Rolling Stone monthly but never buy it. I find a chair at Barnes & Noble (enjoy it while it still exists, Steve) at the Lehigh Valley Mall while my kids waste an hour walking around and pilfer the content for free.

These guys sound like Jonathan Richman mixed with the Violent Femmes (among other things) to me, but the comments mention Richard Hell, so I figured you guys might be interested. I’ll be stuck on Fucked Up and Off! for a while, so go ahead without me.

I had half a memory of Peter writing about these guys before. Perhaps I was just too ignorant to find it.

Ladies and gentleman, The Parquet Courts:

2 thoughts on “In Lieu Of Nothing

  1. Hmm. I’m surprised you hate the Courts, not as surprised on Hold Steady. I’ll stop thinking I know what you like (except for a skinny man and a skinny woman looking seditious).

    Funny on The Hold Steady – friends have shown me videos of the singer sounding just like yours truly in the vocal department. Not the case with this one. Does this guy sing in a higher range sometimes? I certainly look better than him. But I don’t like The Hold Steady either.

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