Night Music: Dum Dum Girls, “Bedroom Eyes”

The last two Dum Dum Girls albums show an evolution toward a more reverby chiming sound, the rock solid mid-tempo drums and pulsing bass prop up the echoing rhythm guitars and delicate fills which serve as harmonies for the vocals. This isn’t music that swings really, or shows much in the way of dynamics, but it sounds as nice as a pretty non-precious jewel in a clever setting.

They were playing in the park tonight, so we went over and caught their set. I like the sound, I like their serious approach, but there is a sameness from song to song on elpee that plays a little more lively live. But they’re still drowning in the reverb and I think that’s a mistake.

This is their best recent tune, I’d say, though I’m far from an expert. It sounds a little classic, because you can hear the rumbles of Blondie, the Pretenders, Belly, Mazzy Star and no doubt others. That’s not great, but that’s okay, and still I miss the old stuff, which included a little Garbage, as well.

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