Lunch Break: Graham Gouldman, “Bus Stop”

So, the story goes, I found this website, a blog really, and, um, where did today go, anyway? doesn’t immediately catch my attention, I’m not that interested in a power pop blog, but a little more browsing unearthed this version of one of my favorite songs.

Graham Goulding was a writer of Dreadlock Holiday, featured in this space last week, and all of 10 C.C.’s songs. Before that he wrote For Your Love and Heart Full of Soul for the Yardbirds, No Milk Today for Herman’s Hermits, and Look Through any Window and the classic Bus Stop for the Hollies. Two of the Hollies best.

The original Bus Stop is a fantastic but brittle pop tune, maybe a little over produced (how many singers are there?), but classic. I’m not complaining about it. Goulding’s own version, which was apparently recorded for a 10 C.C. greatest hits collection, is mellower and at least for the first half is a more agreeable version. A true love song, a true pop song, and both elevated together.

Take it to lunch!

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  1. Nice post. Gouldman wrote some interesting pop tunes for the Mockingbirds such as You Stole My Love, That’s How It’s Gonna Stay and probably the most well known of the Mockingbird discography if there is such a thing, How To Find A Lover – the British version of Nuggets has a couple of Mockingbird songs on it with some interesting period photos of Gouldman.

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