3 thoughts on “Night Music: Veruca Salt, “Seether”

  1. This is pretty yuck. Punk rock for girls definitely. “Aggressive” music that’s very tame.

    I had read years ago that these girls are very hot. I did look at album covers back then, but I don’t think they’re pictured. Nice to finally see them and the girls are OK hot, but need breast augmentation – badly.

  2. Saw them at a Lollapalooza and they were pretty good.

    They were pretty hot as I remember, too.

    At least my kind of hot ( I would run from any woman who had breast augmentation. In fact after Cathy’s mastectomy she scoffed at reconstruction sneering, “this is me, take it or leave it” to the world, considering it a badge of survival.

    That is part of why I loved her so.

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