Editing Football: Debaser Edition

Football is a debased game. But I’m up late editing the Fantasy Football Guide (available on newsstands and online at the end of June), and all I can hear is the Pixies. In other words, I’m glad to have Hanley Ramirez tonight in the two leagues in which I can own National Leaguers. Sweet, but, not enough.

And I’m glad I don’t have a kid who wants to play football. That would be debasing. Hmm, that is enough. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Editing Football: Debaser Edition

  1. Bought this on an Arizona baseball trip (I think AFL) one year at the Arizona Mills Virgin Megastore which I miss tremendously.

    Bought the album because it’s a critical must-have. This song is great (boy, in retrospect I really hear Fucked Up here – I’m backwards as usual and FU have a new album coming out real soon that I’ll be getting), but I didn’t think the rest of this album held up, even though everyone else on the planet seems to think so.

    Never did get rid of the CD though, because I’d feel guilty and there is this one great song at least.

    And since everyone is always dying to hear all about me, I’ll tell you that I never could do work and listen to music at the same time, unless it’s physical or mental monkey work. If it’s thinking work, I’m either thinking of work and not listening to the music anyway or thinking of the music and not getting any work done. This concept never made sense to me. My little brain is too small for multitasking when it comes to good music.

  2. I don’t listen to music when working with words, writing or actually editing. But when I’m formatting and compiling data, music helps the focus. Otherwise I’d keep making Remnants posts.

  3. I am a bay area guy: I go both ways.

    I can work with music on, or I can even work just fine with tv humming in the background (ball game, msnbc, old movie anyway long as I don’t have to concentrate).

    I am a big Pixies fan, though, and have this tune. Plus I dumped “Dig For Fire,” maybe my favorite song of theirs on here a while back.

  4. I can’t really concentrate on two things at the same time either. I haven’t watched a football game in about 20 years, although sometimes I can’t avoid watching part of a game. The announcers alone make me want to kill (the announcers that is). At least there are a few good baseball voices. My older sons are all badasses but only Sean ever played football, for one year. The coach used to punish players by sending them against Sean at practice. Then the coach got fired for sending the team flowers and calling them girls after a loss. At least he didn’t say they needed breast augmentation. My sons graduated to Kung Fu which is much badder ass than football as Uma Thurman can tell you. Now I can go anywhere and say anything when they are with me, a wise guy’s dream believe me. So I want to post a violence song but there aren’t a lot of good ones, at least on the pro-violence side. This is close enough, JT with (for Steve) Wayne Kramer live:

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