Cruisin’ Music

1) Shared a lot of this with Lawr privately already, inspiring this post.

2) Peter’s derisive (found that on comments about Fu Manchu have inspired a Fu-fest for me.

3) Ran some errands on a beautiful Friday late afternoon/evening yesterday and was cranking King Of The Road loud. (In my 2009 Nissan Cube.)

4) For a rock ‘n’ roll site (well, supposedly anyway), the term “riff” is not used nearly enough.

5) Beach Boys be damned.

4 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Music

  1. Don’t believe I’ve said a negative thing about Fu Manchu in my life. Ever. I’ve found myself humming Godzilla a few times since Steve posted it. I’m sure that doesn’t happen every day.

  2. Riff Scorecard (Number of posts with the word Riff in them)

    Peter 4
    Tom 3
    Steve 2
    Lawr 1

    I’m not sure if comments are counted.

    • What counts is RP, Riff Percentage – the percentage of riff mentions per post. True scoreboard:

      Lawr – 1/30
      Steve – 2/50
      Tom – 3/20
      Peter – 4/10 billion

      Tom’s RP is the highest, but, since this makes absolutely no sense, he is disqualified.

      I win.

  3. As I told Steve. one of the best things on earth is cruising in the car in summer weather with the radio blasting (“Road Runner” anyone?).

    I have been up at our Lake Tahoe house all week, a chunk of it just the dogs and me.

    Thursday was a glorious day here, and I needed to drive from Soda Springs (where our house is, near Donner Pass) into Truckee (home of my beloved KTKE) for some supplies

    So, the radio was indeed blasting, and I put the top down on my little vermillion BMW 128i thinking our dog Pavlov, the youngest and most rambunctious of the three, would love it.

    I had a great ride, but Pavi was freaked out the entire time, cowering on the floor board of the passenger seat.

    He is not a dog: he is a pussy.

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