Tick Tock Boom

Was driving home from the Jersey Shore yesterday afternoon. No baseball games on mlb. No CDs in the car. Had to resort to Jango, the Pandora-thing I use, when forced. (Hadn’t signed in for months.)

I use Jango because it seems at least a little bit better than Pandora.

I hate all of these because:

1) I much, much, much prefer the comfortable continuity of an entire CD. Like I’ve mentioned before, where I come from, singles were for babies and albums were for grown-ups. I rarely want to be labeled a grown-up, but in this case I’ll take it.

2) The catalog of an artist consists of about two albums and five songs. Neither the Jango nor Pandora catalog contains Dudes or Ass Cobra on my “Turbonegro Radio.” That’s like having a baseball catalog without Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.

3) Their suggestions suck. They don’t get what I like.

4) They give me suggestions at the expense of the artists I include to be played. Sometimes they’ll give me two songs by a suggestion band before playing even one from what I told them to play. Can’t there be a “just play what I told you because your suggestions suck” setting?

5) Their independent bands are godawful. I haven’t been in any great independent bands, but I can assure you that every independent band I’ve been in has been better than every independent band I’ve heard on these music services.

But I did get one good suggestion song yesterday, not that I hadn’t heard it before. The Swedish Hives are friends with the Swedish Hellacopters and you can see why. And they have a “tick tock” drummer too.

(The most assinine derogatory term I’ve heard in ages. Drummers are supposed to keep time, by the way. Sometimes they even use devices called “met-ro-nomes” to help them keep time even better. But Keith Moon is “innovative” – constantly pitter-patting all over the drums, sapping the power from music that could really use a power boost. For heaven’s sake, his own guitarist wished for a real drummer. Perhaps guitarists should loosen all their strings and just wank away. That would be “innovative.” It would also “suck.”)

Let’s steer this ship back to rock ‘n’ roll with The Hives:

One thought on “Tick Tock Boom

  1. Hey, let’s not totally tash Moon. Just because he was not a tick tock drummer, does not mean he was not a dynamic one. Townshend also often said that in a way Keith was the lead player and if you watch vids of the band live while he was alive, you will see that Pete and Entwhistle were often looking directly to Keith during interludes and solos (not drum: Keith did not do those save in “Cobwebs and Strange” for the drummer to show his direction.

    and, I challenge any drummer to place more beautiful rolls or placement of beats as come at end of the “Song is Over” or “Go to the Mirror, Boy.”

    do love the Cobb/Ruth line.

    I tell ya, my Truckee station. Played “Mama Tried” and then “Sky Pilot” in a row last week.

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