It must have been Remnants movie night last night. Even though this kind of thing is not my normal cup of tea in flicks, I was persuaded by some new friends to see the new “Godzilla” Friday night. It wasn’t bad, actually. Not to spoil it for you, but history definitely showed us again how nature points out the folly of man.

So you get the Fu version. While the BOC version is happy and kinda poppy, Fu Manchu’s (a distant second all-time at covers to the mighty Hellas) is sluggish and menacing, like Godzilla damn well should be.

I’m drawn to a sweet singing lead guitar over slow crunchy chords like a fly to shit. I guess that pretty much sums up the Black Sabbath formula.

Oh, and the crazy bass solo during the break part.

2 thoughts on “Godzilla

  1. Very 1971. This kind of thing was why Bill Graham closed the Fillmores, clearing the way for real artistic expression and Black Sabbath bass solos. Iggy once said that pot slowed the music down in the late 60’s-early 70’s, a no-doubt savage but largely true indictment. I like my sludge a little faster. Around my house, we regard this as the first metal song and yet it’s plenty punky in its 1968 way:

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