The Mighty Hydromatics

I really don’t talk about The Hydromatics nearly enough on this blog. Listened them on the way to church this morning, which often requires a Hydromatics-like CD so I can manage to arrive only 10 minutes late instead of worse since I live 35 minutes away from the church.

Mighty Hellacopter guitarist/vocalist Nicke Andersson drums in this band and keeps his mouth shut for the most part, which is how Peter would have it. Love the way the verse vocal grinds against the instrumental part, which just keeps chugging along on its own.

Parts Unknown is one of those albums that everyone should know, but no one does. I have a bunch of those.

8 thoughts on “The Mighty Hydromatics

  1. The dancing and clapping doesn’t even match the beat of the song. A musical tribute to the new Godzilla, I suppose.

    • That song had a beat? I guess I was distracted by the mindless noodling and unintelligible lyrics. Clearly “chugging along” must be what you’d need to do to enjoy it. You know you shouldn’t drink and drive, right?

      • Some good dynamics in there, and decent enough vocals. I listened to some live stuff and it was also pretty good, even the cover of the Hellacopters song. Though it felt a little like a link farm. Maybe it’s because I’ll never listen enough times for this music to become second nature, but I’d way prefer to see them live than listen to an album. But if it did get into my skull I could see playing some air drums and guitar. That’s quality.

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