Night Music: Slade, “My Oh My”

It’s all, life I mean, an act of balancing.

When I praised Slade I’d forgotten about all their sins. Like this one, which is wildly popular.

But that’s the issue. When I wrote about John Legend’s new record last fall I was appalled. But this week it was the most popular album in America, by some measures at least.

If we’re paying any attention to popular music, shouldn’t we pay attention to what is popular? I think the better answer is no, fuck them all. But I want the music I love to be popular, and I want popular music to be the music I love.

Is there something wrong with that?

I loved John Legend when he was striving, and I don’t get at all what he’s become.

Slade fans can probably better explain this tune, which is catchy and lovable and like giving whisky to drunks. In other words, great crap.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Slade, “My Oh My”

  1. Yeah, I had forgotten about this, thankfully. Sad how Slade had detriorated by the time the US finally caught on. (Perhaps that’s why the US caught on.)

    Noddy’s Grade-A voice pushes this to F+. Otherwise it would grade out, like all hair metal, at F-.

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