Lunch Break: Slade, “Coz I Luv You”

My Oh My was Slade’s last hit, and a remarkable difference from this one, their first. Today’s palette cleanser…

I guess the point of last night’s rant wasn’t that there was anything wrong with being popular, but that maybe over time a popular artist has to find new ways to reach the mass audience. And maybe one of the ways is to go with sentimental prettiness rather than stronger sounds and words. Or maybe it’s just that over time good new ideas run out, squeezed like toothpaste from a tube.

By the way, John Legend’s first Top 20 single was also his first No. 1. Yuck.

One thought on “Lunch Break: Slade, “Coz I Luv You”

  1. 1) I like Slade as much as T. Rex, but I always thought this one was a little too T. Rex-y for comfort (though still a great song). I suppose a little T. Rex lifting made the skinhead to glam transition easier.

    2) Love that Noddy’s not wearing a hat, but still sports hat head.

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