Larry The Lamb

Being the lemming I am, for all these years I’ve referred to Marc Bolan’s voice as “Larry the Lamb” because I’d read it elsewhere. This morning I realized I didn’t really know who Larry the Lamb was.

Mystery solved. He was a cartoon character in a Davey and Goliath/Gumby-like childrens show.

Take a look. It’s actually pretty funny for as long as you can stand it. Stick around for at least a minute and a half for this exchange:

Larry: I thought you were a fairy.
Cop: A fairy? Me? Do I look like a fairy?
Larry: I don’t know. I’ve never seen one. Baaah.
Cop: Then be careful what you say, my lad.

2 thoughts on “Larry The Lamb

  1. This is ersatz Davey and Goliath at best. Art Clokey was a true master of stop motion clay surrealism.

    • It’s no Davey and Goliath for sure, but Toytown has a long history as radio dramas in the 20s. It was revived in the 70s by a friend of the author, not a master like Clokey, but paying tribute to the original stories.

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