The Lunch Quiz

What happened here?


Just to be clear, I learned to ice skate here (professionally), I saw many Long Island Duck hockey games, and this is where my friends and I came to see the NY Nets play with red white and blue balls, long before the arrival of Rick Barry, Dr. J. and Larry Kenon.

But something Rock happened here besides your everyday run of the mill conerts, those happened too, and it surprised me when I heard about it today.

Answers in the comments please. If you’re not registered it will take a while to approve you, but the earliest answer will win.

What? You get to make your own Breakfast Blend post. Retail value? Almost $4,000.

Good luck.

6 thoughts on “The Lunch Quiz

  1. Isn’t some of Frampton Comes Alive from this building? I had a cousin who was allegedly there that night.

  2. Yes! Well done. And extra points for having a story, rather than reading Wikipedia.

    Frampton wasn’t even the headliner for those shows, he was the opening act for Alvin Lee and Ten Years After.

    Please let me know your Breakfast Blend when you’re ready.

    And thanks for playing!

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