Mungo Jerry Flashback!

In the comments about Mungo Jerry’s In the Summertime the other day, I told a story about riding down the road to go to Long Beach (in my hometown of Smithtown NY) riding in my buddy Bobby’s brother Gary’s convertible, in the summertime, while hearing Mungo Jerry’s In the Summertime for what may have been the first time.

Then, this morning, I found on Facebook, a videopost by a woman named Amy Raulli that was a drive down that same road! Now, her video was shot in the winter, so there are no leaves on the trees, and when she arrives in the  parking lot there are no cars, only puddles. And I don’t get she has the same keen excitement that we 14 year olds had back then of embarking on an adventure involving girls and small bathing suits. Plus candy and ice cream. But otherwise it is exactly the same thing!

Oh, and playing on the radio as she made the drive to the beach was Boston’s More Than A Feeling, which I have scrubbed, because there is nothing right about that.

To get the full experience, click to start the Mungo Jerry clip below, then click to start the drive to the beach video and scroll down to watch it alone. Better than Imax! Almost like being 14!

Now scroll down and hit play!

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