Night Music: Robert Cray, “Right Next Door (Because of Me)”

In the dark days of 1980s music, there were some real gems. One of those is Robert Cray, a blues guitarist who embraced a producer and songwriting team that set his skills and persona into a kind of Memphis soul vibe. I saw them live a few times, bought all the albums, and was a huge fan.

When you hear this one you will be, too.

But clearly the sound is too smooth. And clearly young Bob didn’t wear the skin of strong persuader eagerly. A lot of the success of those early albums can be pinned on Richard Cousins, the bass player/songwriter, and Richard Walker, the producer.

Which isn’t to denigrate young Bob’s talent. But he seems too nice a guy to get ahead in this business. That isn’t an attribute, but it does help explain a bit about his career. None the less, he can play.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Robert Cray, “Right Next Door (Because of Me)”

  1. Nothing special here for me. Video and tone give me that icky 80’s vibe. My favorite part is at the 25-second mark when he stops playing the guitar but it keeps playing. Cool trick.

  2. Definitely groomed for 80s radio play, the early Cray records got some of that, as well as loads of critical success. Playing without picking is cooler even than picking with your teeth.

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