Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, Cousin Sleaze!

Or maybe you should, Christopher Inserra.

Inserra say he was hurt on the job as a Port Authority cop a couple of years ago. He spent time on disability leave, drawing his $90K salary and $30K of disability payments, even after he was healthy. Even after he went touring with his hardcore¬†band, Cousin Sleaze, during which, the judge said, “you repeatedly gripped the microphone and jumped around the stage while flailing your right arm in a rapid back-and-forth motion.”

The NY Post has the whole story about Inserra’s guilty plea. Enjoy the video, which was shot in my neighborhood in Brooklyn and doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


One thought on “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, Cousin Sleaze!

  1. The video makes total sense – “If someone’s chasing you, don’t run, that person just might be wanting to return your wallet.”

    A good lesson for all.

    (There’s certainly a joke there between the wallet being returned and the cop ripping us off with a flimsy disability claim, but I can’t quite put it together.)

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