Lunch Break: The War on Drugs, “Red Eyes”

They played in the city last week and I saw some video of their shows in Philly, which the writer at Gothamist raved about. I didn’t get real excited by the tunes, but for modern jangly indie rock they sounded pretty good. I thought I’d keep my eye out, in part because they have a good name.

They also have a new album coming out. I haven’t heard it, but I have heard this:

I like the propulsion, the simple drumming, the guitar and layers of shimmery sounds, and I like the way it breaks a couple of times (you’ll see what I mean if you listen). I’m not keen on the reverby buried slurred vocals. I’m not predicting this is going into my rotation, though it might, but it is new rock of some interest, which is rare.

One thought on “Lunch Break: The War on Drugs, “Red Eyes”

  1. Yeah, I’ll give you the name. It actually caused me to read a couple sentences about them in some rock mags. But the music sucks. Like bad 80’s new wave. The name should be given to a group more deserving.

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