Lunch Break: Richard Thompson, “Feel So Good (I’m Gonna Break Somebody’s Heart)”

When we were discussing Wreckless Eric and the Stiffs Live a few weeks back, I thought of Richard Thompson with a smile.

He is indeed my very favorite guitar player (though watch it Richard, Mick Ronson and Bill Frisell are gaining on you), singer/songwriter, and live performer.

Since Peter brought Richard and Linda and Shoot Out the Lights to the forefront, such is my opening.

Just about everything Peter culled about Richard’s career is correct, although Thompson did take a break from performing in the 80’s at some point.

I am not sure exactly when, though I suspect it was the early 80’s, or perhaps even the late 70’s.

I know this because I caught the Austin City Limits with him many years back, and during an interview the guitarist noted that he had turned to selling antiques for a while, a gig for which he admitted he was not very good at.

But, he returned to music, and the interviewer asked what brought him back, and Thompson noted, “The Sex Pistols.”

When asked to elaborate, Thompson said, “I realized I didn’t have to turn into Elton John.”

Sometime after Amnesia ( which features the terrific Valerie) was released, then the closest thing to a breakout for Thompson with Rumor and Sigh.

It was then that I truly fell in love with Richard, for though I saw Fairport Convention in the early 70’s, the first time I saw him solo was opening for Crowded House around 1988, touring solo acoustic behind that album.

Rumor and Sigh featured the great Vincent Black Lightning 1952, Read About Love, and the song below, Feel So Good. The You Tube version is culled from Letterman, and his band is the Letterman band, meaning Paul Schafer is on keys.

Just a great great song.


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