Steveslist – Top 5 Songs Of 2 Minutes Or Less

This list was a lot more difficult than the seven minutes or more. In fact, I probably could do a best of one minute or less, but I ruined it now.

I’m off to LABR tomorrow, so I probably won’t post again until next week. Peter should’ve saved his 10 posts from today and spread them out to cover for me.

Again, no ranking here. Too great, too challenging.

Disclaimer – These aren’t about Beatles vs. Bob Dylan vs. Rolling Stones. These aren’t necessarily the “correct” choices that you can find on every other internet or magazine list. These aren’t about who was the first to do this or that. Steveslist doesn’t care. These are about what I reach for and what turns my crank and what makes me smile.

Not sure I knew there was music this crazy before this. Loved loved loved the Misfits back in the late ’70s and even dragged my college buddies out to see them one night at the 4th Street Saloon in Bethlehem, the Lehigh Valley’s place for punk. (Now they probably tell their grandkids, “Grandpa saw that band a long, long time ago” whenever they pass some knucklehead kid in the mall with a Misfits shirt.)

This version jumps a little at the beginning, but every other youtube version didn’t sound right to me.

The Dickies were quick, short (common dickie traits) and full of covers. This is an early original. It was on 10″ white vinyl and fairly hard to find at the time.

You couldn’t beat Lee Ving for mean-spirited. Fear’s appearance in “The Decline Of Western Civilization” is arguably the highlight of the film.

When he appeared in the original “Flashdance” I had mixed feelings.

“Back From Samoa” was on my all-time top 50 list, I forget where.

Dylan, Springsteen and Costello working together couldn’t touch these lyrics.

The Supershit 666 EP is my all-time favorite piece of recorded music. Last year when I was working a shit third-shift data entry job while enduring a non-compete I would play it every night to begin my shift, drowning out the awfulness of Pitbull and Mumford and Sons on the radio.

Everyone on earth needs this EP. Seriously. The youtube fidelity sucks and I apologize for that. It’s not Supershit’s fault.

4 thoughts on “Steveslist – Top 5 Songs Of 2 Minutes Or Less

  1. The cuts were tough on this one, Gene. Ramones, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Wire and even Turbonegro didn’t quite make it. I was also frustrated to learn a couple possibilities run just over two minutes.

  2. I like the Minutemen as much as the next guy, but I was mesmorized by that cassette tape. Ah, for the days of TDK and Maxell.

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