Steveslist – Top 5 Songs Of 7 Minutes Or More

I’m tired of doing Good Night Music, so I’m starting something new – Steveslist, which will consist of five songs or bands or whatever in some category I make up. Sometimes I’ll put them in order, sometimes not, when it’s too difficult.

Disclaimer – These aren’t about Beatles vs. Bob Dylan vs. Rolling Stones. These aren’t necessarily the “correct” choices that you can find on every other internet or magazine list. These aren’t about who was the first to do this or that. Steveslist doesn’t care. These are about what I reach for and what turns my crank and what makes me smile.

I couldn’t rank this first list, so here they are, in alphabetical order:

Don’t know why the studio version wasn’t on youtube when I last looked, but it’s there now – way better than any of the live versions. White Reggae at its finest with a hard edge. Not even sure where else to find that combo.

Who can make a 12-bar blues exciting for over seven minutes? The MC5. Damn straight.

Trumpet? Cheesy bossa nova from my mom’s 1970’s home organ (remember when every housewife had one in the living room?)?. What a groove. This song could go on forever as far as I’m concerned.

Listened to this album in the car yesterday and it’s what gave me this brilliant idea. Enough said.

Makes me want to fuck on the floor and break things as much as anything punk.

7 thoughts on “Steveslist – Top 5 Songs Of 7 Minutes Or More

  1. Hmm, just realized that the last minute of that MC5 song is given over to trumpets and other brass shit. What’s up with that? It’s like being in high school again. Not cool.

  2. I still can’t post. It wants my password and I don’t know it and it won’t send it to me in an email as it said it would. Every time I want to comment I have to fill out a form, like I’m just a regular Joe and not among the elite around here. I really like Johnny Was although it’s only reggae for a short bit, I mean even white reggae. I haven’t heard any of these in a long time and hadn’t heard Stereotype at all, which I like, so thanks. When the Levee Breaks is my bestest Led Zep song, I’d lke to play it sometime with a guitar army. I don’t like a lot of long songs. Almost all of them would be better shorter. Make it 5 or 6 minutes and then I love a whole lot of them. Live is another matter.

    I well remember late one night when I was maybe 16 and tripping on powdered mescaline, I heard a 44-minute version of this song and played along with it the whole time. I felt defined. I spent years trying to find the record, which was a big hit in England but nobody had it here for the longest time. The accoutrements sound dated but the rhythm guitar, drums and vocals are just great:

  3. These are all great cuts, including Marquee Moon (Television is so under-rated).

    Great list Steve. And, maybe i will poach on your territory (i have an idea). But, i will be clear these are not your songs (though i would hope you might like parts of some?).

    Gene-I have been in a band that did Levee. You want me to sing it. I will show you at Tout. Done Whole Lotta Love, too and played bass on it.

    Wish you guys had been here for First Pitch. Biletones played that night, though we had a crappy gig in my view cos the new drummer and i were not synched at all.

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