2 thoughts on “Night Music: Mott The Hoople, “American Pie/Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll”

  1. Mott the Hoople’s one of my faves, even though they haven’t come up much here (although I think “The Hoople” was in my top 50). Amazingly, I had never heard the “American Pie” although I’d heard about it, so thanks. Learned “The Hoople” working my first real job at Dorney Park blowing up and tying balloons for the dart game as a 15-year-old in the summer of ’76. (I can still tie a balloon like nobody’s business – comes in handy more than you’d think – my kids are always amazed.)

    Guy I worked with had the 8-track and we were allowed to play our own 8-tracks through the stereo system at the game stand. He sold it to me probably for $2 when he needed cash for gas or weed.

    Are you really gonna credit crappy Bob Seger for this Mott song? Seems they existed in the same timeframe and the song’s just a pretty basic rock ‘n’ roll stomp that Gene would say has been played a million times (and maybe he’ll play one now).

    • I wasn’t crediting Seger. My point was that such stomps were Seger’s main mode, while the Hoople’s mode was swingier and more supersonic and ironic. I don’t know, with a wider palette. Seger didn’t invent it, everybody stomped it at least once, but when I think of the stomp I think of Seger because he did it so often. Whew.

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