Bad Night Music: Alice Cooper, “Poison”

I was an Alice Cooper fan when I aspired to be Eighteen. I remember reading the Rolling Stone profile of Alice that centered on a golf course and a limitless supply of Michelobs, and that was the dream. I loved golf and I drank beer, both as much as I could, just like Alice Cooper.

Fast forward 15 or so years, and Alice lands on a song that he can deliver, while it delivers pretty much every crap hair band cliche in the world. That Alice Cooper turned this into a hit is a tribute to his theatricality (gotta love the red flag flying in the video as well as all the skin) and a really good hook from Desmond Childs. But in the end, crap is crap. So be it.

Alice Cooper – Poison (uncensored) by STEPHEUROPE

One thought on “Bad Night Music: Alice Cooper, “Poison”

  1. Geez. I lasted longer with Afroman. How did we get from “Caught In A Dream” to that? I’ll challenge Lawr and put Alice in the same category as KISS – great early stuff, but after a few albums, godawful. Even “Welcome To My Nightmare,” which the kids in my neighborhood and I were bonkers over when it came out, doesn’t stand up very well today. Let’s separate Alice into Buxton Alice and post-Buxton Alice. I’ll be doing a Good Night Music on Glen Buxton if not tonight, then tomorrow night.

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