Good Night Music: The Death Of Death Metal

I believe my experiment with death metal is over for now. I’ve played Entombed’s Wolverine Blues at least five times through and I’m waiving the white flag. I chose this album because it’s arguably the most important “death ‘n’ roll” album ever. I figured death ‘n’ roll might wean me eventually into straight death, but no such luck. I do enjoy the album to some extent when listening to it, but, admittedly, it’s a real challenge to stick it into the CD player. And I feel exhausted when it’s over. The unfortunate conclusion is, too much death, not enough ‘n’ roll. Be aware that I tried similar failed experiments with jazz and Frank Sinatra earlier on in my music science career.

I leave you with the opening song, Eyemaster. Please stick around until at least 1:30, so you experience the groovy ‘n’ roll riff.

2 thoughts on “Good Night Music: The Death Of Death Metal

  1. It’s age, Steve. The older we get, and more eminent death looms and our mortality sneers, the less interesting thumbing one’s nose at existence becomes.

    Song is ok. On the opposite end of the spectrum of what I just posted!

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