Night Music: Garland Jeffreys, “Wild in the Streets”

Feels like a million years since I posted one of these, when in reality it has only been a couple of weeks. But, travel and work and all that life shit kept me distracted and out of my groove.

However, during that hiatus, I remembered this great Garland Jeffreys cut from his 1977 album, Ghost Writer. I bought the vinyl when it came out (of course still have it) on the strength of both this song and the other tune on the disc that got radio play, 35 Millimeter Dreams.

But, I will save posting that tune for another day, for I have a fun theme idea for it.

I do understand that the Circle Jerks covered Wild in the Streets which is great, cos it is a terrific little cut. Note, if you are a fan of The Boss, there is also a YOUTUBE of a live version of the song with Springsteen playing along (it was part of a benefit for Parkinson’s Disease).

However, this version, with Jeffreys’ original band totally cranks.


One thought on “Night Music: Garland Jeffreys, “Wild in the Streets”

  1. Funny Lawr, because I hate the Circle Jerks version of this. It kind of ruins the whole second album for me. I always prefered this version and Chris Spedding deserves an entire post of his own, which I will get to someday:

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