For Me! 2:20 PM Music – I Should Be Watching Football

But a Hellacopters came in the mail Friday that I didn’t have before – “Strikes Like Lightning” – a $25 used CD on Amazon. (I also found another one “Geekstreak” – $25 used as well – that’s on the way from Japan with songs on that I don’t have, so that may be a while.)

On a tangent, did you ever consider what music is worth? This “Strikes Like Lightning” is only six songs, but I’m in love again. What would I be happy to pay for it? $100? More? What’s your favorite song worth? Is a 20-song album of OK stuff for $5.99 a better deal than a $12.99 album with one really good song but the rest is crap? This is the stuff that will be swirling around in my head when the Alzheimer’s sets in.

Anyway, I only allow myself to listen to “Strikes Like Lightning” once a day, so I don’t burn it out. Upon first listen, it sounded kind of same-y (which I think Peter thinks the Hellas are, period), but even upon the second listen, the riffs started gripping my brain and the nuances started becoming apparent.

This is my favorite so far – the Stooge-y “No Fun” part, the little low riffy chord progression, the just AC/DC-enough feel and the singing guitars. Ahh, those dual guitars just sing. During the solo part, in stereo, the first two solo chops come out of one speaker and the other two come out of the other (as the guys are surely trading – I was always a sucker for the one speaker/other speaker stuff). Upon the third chop I have to yell out in the car every time. I get chills, seriously.

The Hellacopters are perfect.

3 thoughts on “For Me! 2:20 PM Music – I Should Be Watching Football

  1. I paid $65 for the Pillows’ Happy Bivouac CD and it was a steal. I never download stuff for free and would gladly pay more in most cases. Music is the biggest bargain on the planet. I like this song BTW.

  2. This is a really tight song, but, as I said about Against Me!, there are as many pop elements in this song as there are rock (i do separate the two as much as one can).

    Good guitars, for sure.

    I spent $25 to get my favorite Neil Young disc, “Trans”, a few years ago, and I tried to get the Youngbloods’ “Elephant Mountain” for $35, but it was out of stock and my order sort of disappeared.

    At least I have The Youngbloods on vinyl and a turntable that works, so I can still listen to it.

    I dunno. I am happy to pay for stuff, but pretty much anything I would want to listen to I can hear on You Tube and get my fix.

    As I get older, I get less desperate for much of anything save time.

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