Night Music: Alabama Shakes, “Hold On”

I almost feel like a foolish old man putting this clip up.

I kept hearing this song on KTKE and I kept thinking it was really old Jack White and White Stripes.

So, I ask Lindsay a few months back if she knows Hold On by Alabama Shakes when I discover the truth about its source, and she says, rather nonchalantly, “oh, that got some airplay about a year ago.”

But, this song sticks with you. Steve, I know you are not in favor of geeky bespectacled women singers (I personally dig women who wear glasses) but this song builds really well.

There is another clip from Austin City Limits a few months after this appearance where Brittany, the lead singer is playing a Gibson SG.

Either way, I really love this song. I keep humming it to myself (along with Dig for Fire) lately.


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