Night Music: The Replacements, “I Hate Music/Stuck In the Middle”

Live, apparently a showcase show at the time of their first album (Sorry Ma Forgot to Take Out the Trash) in 1981, which explains the decent video. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but then I didn’t know this album until later. I’d say they’re too busy breaking things to have sex on the floor, but maybe that comes later.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: The Replacements, “I Hate Music/Stuck In the Middle”

  1. Nice. Hot solo by 14-years-from-death Rockin’ Bob Stinson. Never went as crazy for the early Replacements as many. Perhaps I can’t let their crappy cover of KISS’ “Black Diamond” – they play it flat-out wrong – go. Nice to see this website float back to rock ‘n’ roll though. Peter, gotta tell you, I’ve been humming “Sailin’ On” to myself ever since I published it. Damn catchy that song is.

  2. This is great. I sadly never saw the Mats, but this performance reminds me a lot of seeing the Clash at Temple Beautiful ($5) in 1979. Raw. Really great though.

    Another SG player, and you are right Steve; great solo. Tommy jams pretty well too.

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