The Greatest Punk Single Is…

I just sent the Fantasy Baseball Guide 2014 off to the printer an hour ago. It’s looking sharp. Thanks to those who contributed. You know who you are. Now it’s time for something fun.

Nathanial nominated “Suspect Device” by Stiff Little Fingers.

Gene counters with the Clash’s “Complete Control.”

Steve says The Stooges “Search and Destroy.”

Rotoman says Richard Hell and the Voidoids “Love Comes in Spurts.’

Have a different fave, or a thought? Put them in the Comments.

12 thoughts on “The Greatest Punk Single Is…

  1. There are few songs I ever loved more than the Heartbreaker’s Love Comes in Spurts. It was only ever recorded on a now-warped demo and a live version with some of the worst sound I ever heard. I have my own version, about half done, which someday I will finish. Look out world.

  2. Either way, I am with Gene. Complete Control so rules. It has everything. Attitude, licks, unintelligible lyrics. But, now I have a bunch of shit to check out today while i am working…

    i also have a soft spot for Anarchy in the UK. i have probably written this before, but i was in London during Stiffs Live in 1977. and, i had heard about the Pistols, but never really heard them.

    i was taking a bath in my grandmother’s house in Finchley. it was an old real Victorian (as in built in the mid19th C) and i was listening to my aunt’s transistor radio. i had Top of the Pops with John Peel on, and #1 was Anarchy.

    So, my first experience was in London in the tub.

    Great moment. Knocked my sox off.

    Always been partial to the Clash’s Tommy Gun, and Safe European Home, too.

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