Night Music: Howling Wolf, “Spoonful”

I was at a fundraiser for my daughter’s school tonight. Drinks and food at another family’s house in the neighborhood, around the corner.

It was nice, actually, a chance to see and meet neighbors who intersect in a variety of important and less important but relentless ways. But after a while I wandered into the kitchen and there was a band, a trio, setting up. Our host, it turns out, plays bass. They had a list of tunes and played for about an hour. Some Chicago blues, some rock ‘n’ roll, all very nicely played. Our host said they were a blues trio, but the standout song was a kind of bossa nova version of I’m Waiting For My Man.

The cool thing was these three oldish guys, probably younger than me, sounded really good. They were loud, but you could stand 15 feet away and talk. Our host, the bass player, later told me that they didn’t always play blues. He said they’d worked out some Morphine songs replacing the sax with guitars.

I want to hear that. But until then, go with the best…

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