Night Music: Ronnie Montrose “Town Without a Pity” and Sammy Hagar “I’ve Done Everything for You”

I was sitting with my friend/mentor/guitar teacher yesterday and while we were talking about 70’s bands we both loved and abhorred, Ronnie Montrose came up.

Of course the real frame of reference for Montrose in the Bay Area was his first album that featured Sammy Hagar, and had the tune Rock Candy, on it.

Montrose and Hagar did it together for a few albums, but by the late 70’s Sammy went on to his own successful, if somewhat loud solo career.

Montrose continued to play, and released a wonderful instrumental album in 1978 entitled Open Fire, and that disc contained the guitarist’s well known cover of Town Without a Pity, a tune I had not thought of in years till Steve and my conversation went there.

Of course, discussing Montrose invariably led to Hagar, who had a bundle of catchy rockers around the same time such as Red  and You Make Me Crazy.

But, the song I’ve Done Everything for You,” also released in ’78, was always my favorite, though I don’t believe it ever appeared on an album till Hagar released a compilation disc (I still have my 45 of the single with Otis Redding’s Dock of the Bay on the flip side).

I guess at best you could call the vid below a guilty pleasure, as well as a nice time capsule of spandex and big hair. It does rock, although I am sure if Hagar appeared today with the giant pic of himself in the background, #Humblebrag would be all over him.

Still, it is a great cut.

5 thoughts on “Night Music: Ronnie Montrose “Town Without a Pity” and Sammy Hagar “I’ve Done Everything for You”

  1. I abhor Sammy Hagar. “I Can’t Drive 55” is the worst hard rock song ever. I wanna shoot myself at every pause of “I can’t drive. . . . .55!” The dots represent where I am shooting myself.

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