Night Music: Cream, “White Room”

A long drive yesterday, taking what should have been a four-hour trip in a world with normal traffic, led to lots of radio listening. Some of it classic rock programming on WPLR, a Connecticut station that was playing the same songs when we listened to it in high school.

One of them was Cream’s Badge, decidedly difficult to sing along with, though o so familiar. Which got me to thinking about which of this one-time one-of-my-favorite-band’s song’s I would really like to hear. This one.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Cream, “White Room”

  1. Helluva band. The last few years I’ve returned to greater appreciation. This is because I haven’t listened to Classic Rock radio in so long that I’m not sick of most of the songs anymore. I think the criticism of them as three soloists indulging is almost exactly wrong, their ensemble playing is superb. The guitar break in Badge is an all-time great, I’ll play it for you sometime, Peter. Also a great solo in this one. Clapton and all guitar players are at their best when they are playing to the utmost of their ability, straining to nail it and nailing it. Clapton is too “good” to play like this anymore.

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