Night Music: Rare Earth, “Hey Big Brother”

I remember this tune but this clip is something else. Rare Earth was political and wanted to be liked. Not a great combo, but that is what happened  back then. The Don Imus interview at the end is really funny because of what he became. Maybe we can call that an opportunist.

Apart from all that crap, I would have been happy at the California Jam.

3 thoughts on “Night Music: Rare Earth, “Hey Big Brother”

  1. Which number is biggest?

    a) People in the audience
    b) People on the stage
    c) Drums on the stage

    I also like the guy hitting a cowbell with a tambourine – while holding a saxaphone.

  2. Upon further study:

    a) they stole that organ from a church

    b) a lefthanded, lead-singing drummer? I’ll bet he was difficult to replace

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