3 thoughts on “Not Night Music: Ant Music!

  1. Funny, I was going to say here’s another video in which everyone looks like Johnny Depp. But while we’re admitting things, I’ll admit that I, too, always liked the double drums thing. And I was very into the “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” album. And I went to see them back then and thought it was one of the best shows I’d ever seen. Now I’ll go hang my head in shame.

  2. This is a song and a band and the packaging of both were cynically and not stupidly designed to be the next big thing. But what’s funny is that Malcolm McLaren basically stole the original Ants to create Bow Wow Wow, backing a singer even younger than Lorde. And Adam and the Ants became the leaders of a quixotic next big thing called the New Romantics, which involved dressing in pirate costumes. These things never get old, especially for Johnny Depp.

    I can hear echoes of T-Rex in this tune, but it seems to me to serve better as a pre-echo of commercial New Wave songs that are all jittery and self conscious like My Sharona, and went No. 1.

    Hmm, I think Bowwowow could make some nice Night Music.

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