One Of These Days I’ll Write Something

Until then, another video. Well, not a video, but a song at least. I’ve been doing pretty well lately targeting unanimous five-star raging rock ‘n’ roll albums on Amazon (I’m still listening to that Uncle Acid album at least once a week), and this New Bomb Turks album will probably be my next buy. Viva la Wire!

7 thoughts on “One Of These Days I’ll Write Something

  1. Alright, this has the virtue of more intelligible lyrics, but really, isn’t a massive part of the charm of the original just how blithley they (Wire) bury the words? I rate this as sludgey, so you really can’t dance to it, which doesn’t mean it’s bad. But the original is solid gold IMHO. Decide for yourselves:

  2. The sound on the Turks is better but they’re a little slow, and I agree with Peter that the lyrics are better more matter of fact, but the Turks guy does declaim real good.

    This is not music but it’s very rocknroll not to mention droll:

  3. Hey, you’re certainly not going to get me knocking the original. Wasn’t I the only one who had “Pink Flag” in my top 50? I was just sampling around last night and stumbled into that Turks version. It certainly is an original take on the song. I found when the song first started I didn’t much care for it, but by the middle I liked it a lot. Kinda grooves in a very odd way.

  4. Something of a Beastie Boys vibe that does kind of groove, certainly oddly given the source. The line “I’m sick of fucking phonies, that’s why I’m sick of you,” is certainly apt given the release of the JD Salinger documentary and book this month. Oi.

  5. Yeah, Beastie Boys. Spot on. Plus, I wanted to mention I can dance to this. Maybe I’m just a much better dancer than you. Maybe we should have a contest at AFL. Gene can judge.

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